I'm Adrian Artiles, an engineer, consultant, and
adventurer in San Francisco.

My work can be found at IFTTT, Campaign Monitor, Deloitte, and others.

I currently run Kionin, a consultancy and studio where we use the latest technology to help organizations and build products.

Oh, and I laugh a ton.

Some of what I do


Through Kionin I help organizations of all sizes take advantage of the latest developments in technology and best practices. I've built machine learning powered chat bots, built internal tools that save hundreds of thousands of dollars, modernized legacy code bases, and worked on systems the process billions of API calls.


Besides client work we also build new products that satisfy gaps in the market while selling our sawdust. Once we build something that solves our own problem, we then make our work available to everyone, ensuring our solution has a focus on thoughtful design, quality engineering, and a modern approach.


When I'm not doing one of the first two, I usually can be found indulging my wanderlust, being a productivity geek, or enjoying a hearty laugh. I also take time to write, which you can read below.

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